Decorative Landscape Rock is available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Our extensive and unique selection of decorative landscape rock will give your landscape or building project a polished and professional look.

Decorative Rock


Autumn Red 1.5″

Black and Tan 1.50″

Black and Tan 1″

Black and Tan .50″

Black and Tan Chat

Black Rock 1.25″

Brownstone 2-4″

Brownstone 1.25″

Butterstone 1.25″

Butterstone 3/4″

Castle Rock 2-4″

Castle Rock 3/4″

Cole Creek Crush 1.25″

Decomposed Granite

Horse Creek – Call for availability

Montana Red 1.5 Inch

Montana Red 3/4″

Oro Verde

Perma Bark 1-3″

Perma Bark 2″

Perma Bark 1″

Rustic Gold

Salt & Pepper 1.25″

Salt & Pepper 3/4″

Stallion Creek 1.5″


Tuscan Cobble 2-4″

Tuscan Cobble 1.25″

River Rock

Oversized River Rock    3 -10″

River Rock 2-4″

River Rock 1.25″


Black Lava Nugget 1.5″

Black Lava Pebble .50″

Red Lava Nugget 1.5″

Red Lava Pebbles .50″

Gold Lava Nugget 1.5″

Gold Lava Pebble .50″

Iron slag

Iron Slag 1.5″

Iron Slag .50″

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