Residential Showcase

Brownstone Rock with Brownstone Boulders

This beautiful landscape has a wonderful Brownstone base accented by breathtaking Brownstone Boulders. The perfect mixture of landscape rocks for any residential landscape project.

The One Stop Showcase

Wolverine has been able to supply a product for just about need of this stunning landscape. The Frontier retaining wall is accented with Bear Mountain boulders. The Cool Ranch chopped pavers lead you up to our Frontier stair treads. Black & Tan 1″ rock compliments the large variety of plants. Endless amounts of Steel edging defines various project areas. Cool Ranch Large Select flagstones were utilized for quick side paths. The Oversized Buffstone Wall ledge helped define the elevation change on the side yard connecting to the incredible stone patio. Buffstone Chopped Pavers invite large groups to comfortably gather on the back patio around the gas Fire rock and wood burning Fire cone. The red rubber mulch keeps the kids safe while playing on the “all ages” Component Playset which sits adjacent to the in-ground trampoline. As you take another pathway laid with more Cool Ranch Large Select flagstones, you go past the flourishing flower garden filled with our premium garden soil. This path leads you to the garden spot lined with raised garden boxes built with our long-lasting Pecky Cedar and filled with the market’s best Box Garden soil. The flooring has decomposed granite that allows for hassle free maintenance. The pumpkin patch is nourished with Premium Garden Soil then covered with Dewitt’s Sunbelt fabric that allows for water to filter through while keeping weeds out. Thus, making gardening simple and maintainable… Did I miss anything?? Oh yes, the fractured river rock was a perfect fit to line the shop for an all-access area for all sizes of motorized vehicles and trailers.

Rubber Mulch Landscaping

Rubber mulch provides a great low maintenance base for any landscaping application. Many landscapers in Idaho Falls use our rubber mulch as a cost-effective, durable, environmentally friendly and hassle free landscaping material.

Freedom Boulder with Tuscan Cobble

This featured landscape setting uses a 1″ Tuscan Cobble rock base and the popular Freedom Boulder as its centerpiece. A nice addition to any suburban landscape in Eastern Idaho.

Brownstone Boulder Fountain

This stunning landscape feature is created using a Brownstone Boulder. Making water flow through the magnificent boulder was no easy task, but the finished product is nothing less than amazing. If you are looking for something that sets your Idaho Falls landscape apart from the others a boulder fountain is just what you need.

Montana Red Rock Landscape

Montana Red is a popular landscape rock in Idaho Falls and all of Eastern Idaho. Great for uses in residental and commercial landscaping application.

Sunset Rock with 3 Rivers Boulder

Another beautiful option for your Idaho Falls home landscaping is this eye pleasing mixture of Sunset landscape rocks with a 3 Rivers boulder to accent it.

Brownstone set in 1″ Perma Bark

Perma Bark is a popular color of landscape rock used any many commercial and residential landscapes in and around Idaho Falls. Used here with Brownstone it creates the perfect landscape setting.

Roman Stackstone with Rustic Gold Rock

This amazing Eastern Idaho landscape is created using the popular Roman Stackstone Wall with a Rustic Gold 2″ base and a 3 Rivers boulder that accents the design perfectly.

Perma Bark 1.5″


Montana Red 3/4″ & Butterstone Boulders


Brownstone 2″ & 10 Mile Boulder


Perma Bark 1.5″

6×8 Pecky Cedar & Perma Bark 1.5″

Rustic Gold & Mossy Boulders

Chocolate Bark & Mossy Boulders

Pecky Cedar Window Well

Stallion Creek 1.25″ & 10 Mile Boulder

Perma Bark 2″

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