Ready to revamp your yard? Wolverine Rocks and Rubber, an Idaho Falls rock supply and Pocatello rock supply company, is the perfect go-to for special landscaping rock projects. They don’t just provide Idaho Falls rock supplies and Pocatello rock supplies, they have a variety of additional lawn features.

Three Landscaping Rock Features to Improve Your Yard

Add a Water Feature

Incorporating a water feature into your Idaho landscaping rock supply gives your yard a unique, attractive addition that can be soothing and tranquil. Check out all the Idaho Falls and Pocatello Wolverine rock supply options to see what complements your yard best.

They have several options to choose from. They have Bear Mountain fountains, Basalt Column fountains, and Brownstone Boulder fountains.

Add Flagstone and Ledgestone

Ledgestone is a stacked, rectangular stone that is good for walls or borders. It can also make an attractive outdoor fireplace. Flagstone is a flat sedimentary rock that is best for paving walkways or patios.

The Idaho Falls and Pocatello Wolverine rock supply company has lots of flagstone options. You can get Copper Creek patio stones, Smokey Mountain patio stones, Sunset Silver stand up stones, Copper Creek stand up stones, Brownstone Select stones, and New York Bluestone.

Considering Ledgestone for your next project? There are lots of Pocatello and Idaho Falls rock supply options. You can get Sunset Bronze Ledgestones, Buffstone Oversized Ledgestones, 10 Mile Oversized Ledgestone, and Smokey Mountain Oversized Ledgestone.

Add Natural Stair Treads

Stair treads are the horizontal part of stairs that you step on. Consider the Idaho landscaping rock supply company to make your stairs unique, rather than traditional wooden stairs. You can use Copper Creek slabs, Sunset Bronze stones, or Brownstone to make colorful, attractive stair treads.

Don’t know where to start? Visit with the experts at Wolverine Rocks and Rubber and they can help brainstorm ideas. Already have your great idea? They can help make sure you have all the landscaping rock supply you need. Get your Idaho Falls rock supplies at 6030 S. Yellowstone Highway, in Idaho Falls. Pick up your Pocatello rock supply at 3200 S. 5th Avenue, in Pocatello. Watch your attractive landscaping rock supply transform your yard today.